The scholarship (s) are offered every two (2) years to a French-American program or institution according to information presented to the Education Committee. Applications must be received by May 1st. Upon review by the scholarship committee, final candidate (s) will be selected in June and introduced at the November Annual Meeting. Any ASFOM member may recommend a candidate (program or institution) to apply.

Scholarships have been awarded to:

  • The Lacoste School of the Art, in the south of France.
  • The Pont Aven School of the Art, in Brittany, France.
  • The WTC Entraide Francaise Fund after 9/11. New York.
  • The French American Conservatory of Music, New York.
  • The Juilliard School, New York.
  • The French American School of Princeton. New Jersey.
  • The Robert Goddard French Immersion School, Maryland
  • Middle School 256, New York, NY

The Scholarship Committee is happy to announce this year's recipient of the ASFOM Scholarship 2013 to Middle School 256, New York, NY.

Scholarship Committee:

Elaine Uzan Leary, Chairman, Michele Altier, Simone Galton, Caroline Lareuse, Nancy Newhouse, Jean-Jacques de St. Andrieu, and Katrine Watkins.

                                ASFOM Scholarship Application Form


Date of application: ______________________________________________________

Name of organization to which grant would be paid.

Please list exact legal name:


Purpose of grant (one sentence): ___________________________________________


Address of organization: ___________________________________________________


Telephone number: __________________Fax: _____________E-mail:_______________

Executive director: ________________________________________________________

Contact person and title (if not executive director): _______________________________


Is your organization an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit? (yes or no): ____________________

If no, please explain: ____________________________________________________________________________


Grant request:$________________________________________________________________

Total project budget, if requesting project support $______________________________

Dates covered by this budget (mo/day/year): ________________

I. PROPOSAL SUMMARY: one-half page maximum.

Please summarize in a short paragraph the purpose of your organization. Briefly explain why

your organization is requesting this grant, what outcomes you hope to achieve, and how you

will spend the funds if a grant is made.

II. NARRATIVE—Three pages maximum.

A. Background--Describe the work of your organization, addressing each of the following:

1. A brief description of its history and mission.

2. Current programs and accomplishments. Please emphasize the achievements

of the recent past.

B. Funding Request—Please describe the project for which you seek funding.

1. Please include the following:

• A statement of its primary purpose and the need or problem that you are seeking to address

• The population that you plan to serve and how this population will benefit from the project.

• Strategies that you will employ to implement your project.

• Anticipated length of the project.

• How the project contributes to your organization’s overall mission.

C. Evaluation—Please explain results you expect to achieve by the end of the funding period.

III. ATTACHMENTS--- please label all attachments to correspond to the bold faced, capitalized items below.

A. FINANCIAL INFORMATION—please provide the dates that each document covers.

1. Your MOST RECENT FINANCIAL STATEMENT, audited if available. This statement should reflect actual expenditures and funds received during your most recent fiscal year.

2. A LIST OF foundation and corporate SUPPORTERS, if any, for your current fiscal year.

3. A CURRENT EXPENSE BUDGET FOR THE PROJECT. Indicate the specific uses of the requested grant, if possible.

4. A list of all SOURCES OF INCOME toward the project, actual and prospective with amounts.

B. Other Supporting Materials

1. A list of your Board of Directors, with their affiliations.

2. A copy of your most recent IRS letter indicating your organization’s tax exempt status, or, if not available, an explanation. .

3. Your most recent annual report, if available.